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French Model 1816 Artillery Short Sword
Item #: AA3175
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This is a French Model 1816 Artillery short sword with scabbard, frog and belt. The United States modeled the US Model 1832 Artillery short sword after the French Model 1816. The sword has an overall length of 25", with a blade length of 19 1/4". The brass hilt has a nice golden hue to it. The grip has a ringed design instead of the scales associated with the Model 1832 swords. The cross guard is stamped with the number 835 and a proof mark of a recessed P with a five point star above it. The blade on the same side has a depressed TALABOTTS in an arc above PARIS. Above the makers stamp is a proof mark a backwards N with a five point star above it in a depressed oval. The blade retains a very tight fit to the hilt, no deflection at all. The blade retains a good amount of the original finish. There are no nicks or dings along the double edged blade. This one has a great feel when you hold it, well balanced and plenty of heft! An authentic leather scabbard accompanies the sword, along with a reproduction belt and frog. This would make a nice piece for the Confederate Artillery reenactor, or the artillery collector who wants a complete rig but can't afford the real thing!
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
Item # AA3175
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