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US Model 1819 Hall Rifle Converted to Percussion
Item #: AA3173
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This is a US Model 1819 Hall Breech Loading rifle. The Model 1819 was the first breech loading military arm produced in large quantities and adopted as a regulation weapon nationwide. It was manufactured under the patent of John H. Hall at the Harper's Ferry Armory from 1823 to 1840 for a total of 19,680 produced. The Hall rifle became the first firearm successfully made with total parts interchangeability. The weapon has an overall length of 53" with a barrel length of 32 3/4". It is a 52 caliber rifled barrel with a lever operated breech. It is decked out in all iron hardware. The US Model 1819 Hall rifle was issued during the Mexican War and also saw service during the early days of the Civil War. This rifle was manufactured in 1832 and is in good overall condition. The original walnut stock appears to retain it's original finish. The edges of the stock are still crisp and show no evidence of being sanded. There are the normal dings and nicks present, but no cracks. There are no visible inspector cartouches on the stock. The barrel, barrel bands, breech, trigger guard and butt plate all have an even dark patina. All iron parts exhibit minor surface pitting throughout. The original buttonhead ramrod is still reporting for duty, as are both sling swivels. The top of the breech block is stamped J.H. HALL/H. FERRY/US/1832. The hammer holds both half cock and full cock positions. The action still operates flawlessly on this old flintlock turned percussion rifle. There are no visible subinspectors marks on the barrel or trigger guard. This gun is in overall good condition and sound enough thtat it probably could be fired today. A nice example of an military firearm that could have seen service in the Mexican American War and in the Civil War.
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Item # AA3173
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