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Indian Wars Era Gauntlet Mittens
Item #: AA3166
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This is a pair of fur gauntlet mittens from the Indian Wars period. These are considered to be mittens and not gloves because there are no individual finger slots, just the thumb and all four fingers together. The mittens have an overall length of 15" and are 10 1/2" wide across the top of the gauntlet. They have an outer layer of Muskrat fur, with a leather palm and thumb. The interior of the mittens are lined with a blanket type material, very similar to fleece. The stitching is broken on the left mitten, starting at the top of the upper seam and extending down 5". Other than that they are damage free. The leather palms and thumb show signs of considerable use. The type gauntlets were worn by the Native Americans as well as the US Army during the winter month in the high plains areas of American West. These will go well with a buffalo coat and hat that were issue items for the soldier on the American frontier during the late 1860's to 1890's.
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Item # AA3166
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