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Indian Wars Era Gauntlets
Item #: AA3164
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This is a pair of 1880's Cavalry gauntlets from the Indian Wars era. The gloves are 11 1/2" in length, with a 5 1/4" cuff. I believe that these are made of angora goat, but I'm not a leather expert. What ever the source, the gloves are still very pliable with a light staining from very limited use. The stitching has separated on both gloves inside the wrist area. Other than that, there are no flaws with this pair. The inside of the cuffs are the same buff colored leather. Inside the gloved portion they are stamped in ink 8, one of five sizes utilized by the Army during that time period. Simple but decorative stitching is on the top section of the cuff. They do not seem to match any examples of the M1884 or M1886 regulation gauntlets. I believe that these are a private purchase set of gauntlets. They are very well constructed, with the thumb seam and fingers being welted. This is a great set of hard to find Cavalry accoutrements for your Indian Wars collection.
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Item # AA3164
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