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WWII German Augenschutzer 42 Und Schnee Schutzer Clear Dust Goggles
Item #: AA3158
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This a pair of German Augentschutzer 42 dust goggles from World War II. These were made in both clear and tinted plastic, to be worn for protection from dust, wind and the sun. This is a clear pair, with the original protective envelope. The plastic is in good condition, with no scratches, cracks or other type of damage. The outer two panels have three 1mm holes on the outer edge to provide ventilation. The adjustable elastic hand band is also in good condition. it still has some snap to it! There are plenty of WWII photographs showing German soldiers wearing these protective goggles, especially so with the Africa Corps. This set is in unissued condition, and would go great with a DAK or motorized infantry display.
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Item # AA3158
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