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US Model 1878 Canteen with Original Leather Shoulder Strap
Item #: AA3140
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This is a Model 1878 canteen made by the Rock Island Arsenal. This model canteen was an attempt to modify the Civil War era 1858 canteen issued to Union soldiers. These smooth side canteens were used during the Civil War, Indian Wars and through the Spanish American War. Attempts to improve these civil War canteens resulted in the Model 1878 modification, removing the bottom sling guide of the exiting Model 1858's. Triangular iron wire loops were added to the upper guides and a black one inch leather sling 56" in length was used with the Model 1878. These canteens had the body recovered in Petersham cloth for insulation, with an outer cover made of drab cotton canvas. In 1902 the Model 1878 was modified by adding a convex depression on the back side of the body in order to achieve a better fit for the wearer. The leather sling was replaced by a small V-shaped sling made of drab cotton web with a hook on each end to attach to the canteen and a spring clip in the center to be used with 1903 and 1907 cartridge belts. This Model 1878 canteen is in good condition, but shows evidence of heavy field use. The cotton canvas cover shows plenty of ground in dirt and grim to the front and rear. Stenciled in black 1 1/2" letters in the center are the letters U.S. They are still visible, but you have to look hard to see them. The stitching of the cover is strong and unbroken around the 7 3/4" diameter canteen. The two triangular iron hooks are still present. The spout of the canteen is in good original condition, and the stopper, pull, chain and brass retainer are still present. The original leather shoulder strap is complete, but is broken. It shows plenty of use, and shows two previous repairs. While this one might not shine like a new penny, this is an excellent example of one of the last circular canteens to be used by the military. If you are a canteen collector this old salty Model 1878 might be your missing link!
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Item # AA3140
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