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Springfield Model 1888 Trapdoor Rifle
Item #: AA3135
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This is a Model 1888 trapdoor rifle manufactured at the Springfield Armory. Between 1890 and 1893 there were 60,000 of these rifles produced at the armory. These rifles were the final design of Springfield's development of their trapdoor design, and some did see combat during the Spanish American War. The rifle has an overall length of 52", with a barrel length of 32 1/2". The bore is chambered in .45-70 caliber and is dark, pitted and shows minimal rifling remaining. The barrel is proof marked with V/P/eagle/P on the left just forward of the breech, with the letter A stamped on top of the barrel. A Buffington rear sight is located 2 1/4" forward of the receiver. The original front sight is missing. The breech has a lower arc and is stamped with US/MODEL/1884. The serial number of 558554 is stamped onto the rear of the breech, indicating a final year production of 1893. The barrel and breech block show traces of the original bluing, both having attained a dark plum patina. The breech, barrel tang and lock plate retain little of their original case color, now having brownish patina. The front and rear barrel bands are stamped with the correct U for this gun. The lock plate has no markings at all visible. The buttplate is stamped with the letters US forward of the butt plate tang screw, along with the number 15. The walnut stock is in good condition, showing only the bumps and dings associated with normal handling. The barrel and ramrod channel edges remain sharp and crisp. The cartouche on the left wrist of the stock reads "SWP/1892" and the circled P to the rear of the trigger guard is still very visible. The bayonet style cleaning rod is still reporting for duty. The front sling swivel and stacking swivel are present, but the rear sling swivel is missing in action. The Model 1888 Trapdoor rifle is a good representative of the weapons carried by National Guard units deployed during the Spanish American War, and will make a nice addition to your collection.
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Item # AA3135
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