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US Military General Purpose 12 Unit First Aid Kit
Item #: AA3086
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This is a General Purpose 12 unit first aid kit used by the US military from the Vietnam era through the Cold War era. This first aid kit, called the "12 Unit", due to the number of items included in the kit, was generally found in vehicles as part of the Basic Issue Items (BII). The kit was mounted in a very visible, easily accessible location in the vehicle. It consisted of the following items: 1ea Chest medical instrument and supply set, rigid, 1ea, Ammonia Inhalant Solution, 1ea Package, Benzalkonium Chloride Tincture, 4ea Bottles, Compress, gauze 2x2 inches, 1ea Package, Compress, gauze 4x4 inches, 1 each, Bandage, gauze, camouflaged 4 inches by 6 yards, 1 each, Bandage, muslin, 37x37x52 inches, 1 each, Gauze, absorbent, adhesive 3/4x3inches 1ea package, Pin, safety, curved, orthopedic, medium 1ea Card, First Aid Kit, Eye Dressing, 1 each, Forceps-Scissors, Tourniquet Set 1ea Set, Instruction Card Mouth to Mouth, 1each, Instruction Sheet First Aid General Purpose 1 each. The only shortage in the kit is two bottles of the tincture of Iodine. There is a typed inventory sheet and the first aid instruction sheet in the bottom of the kit. The top of the case does not have any decals or markings, the bottom side has the medical caduceus within the letters US and ROIS MFG. CO./DSA 2-6034. I believe this one is post Vietnam, more of the 1970's-1980's look. If you have a Col War era military wheeled vehicle this would really compliment it.
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Item # AA3086
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