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Twelve Flower Buttons Benedict & Burnham Back Marked
Item #: AA3080
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This is a set of twelve non excavated one piece coat size flower buttons from the 1834 - 1843 period. The buttons are all back marked either B & BURNHAM/EXTRA or B&B/EXTRA. All of the buttons are in very good condition. They each have a flower type design on the face, made up of three propeller style projections coming from the center of the button with three smaller lines between the larger ones. A raised dot is in the center of the three larger projections. All of these are located on a triangular shaped raised field with a stippled background. Four small dots are on each side of the larger projections on the perimeter of the button. That's a lot going on in that small of a space! The buttons average a diameter of 17.90 mm. Each button retains over 90% of the gilt, I don't believe these were ever sewn onto a garment. The shanks are all standing straight. Benedict and Burnham can be traced back to 1812 in Waterbury, Connecticut, when Aaron Benedict started manufacturing military buttons. He was joined in 1834 by Gordon Burnham and the company became the Waterbury Button Company in 1849. These buttons will make a great start for any collection.
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