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Presentation United Confederate Veterans Memorial Stick
Item #: AA3072
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This is a hand carved walking cane made for a Civil War veteran as a presentation memorial stick. The cane is made of a lightweight wood and has foliate designs at the top end of the cane, hand carved lettering about half way down the shaft and a Confederate battle flag on a staff just below the wording. The cane measures 35 3/4" in overall length. There are a couple of age cracks in the shaft, but they do not weaken the cane or interfere with the carvings. The handle of the cane foliate carvings. The shaft of the cane shows the same intricate carving, with five lines carved into the shaft. They read PRESENTED TO W. R. HARBIN. AS A SOUVENIR, CONFEDEARE VETERAN MEMORIAL STICK, DIXIE FOREVER HURRAH HURRAH FOR DIXIE OUR SOUTHLAND, TRUTH CRUSHED TO EARTH WILL RISE AGAIN, WAYCROSS GEORGIA APRIL THE 26th 1897 MADE BY WMN AND. Below the craved words is a Confederate battle flag wrapping around the shaft. The bottom of the cane has a metal cap that is of an interference fit. This one shows plenty of honest use. There are countless photographs of Union and Confederate veterans attending the reunions carrying canes. At the height of their popularity, most of the reunions were being attended by veterans in the their twilight years. They needed these canes to get around, not just for a fashion statement. The Civil War Research Database shows 35 matches for a W Harbin, 12 of which could be the owner of this cane. This one displays well and will compliment any UCV collection.
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