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WWII Japanese Type 90 Signal Pistol
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This is a double barrel Japanese Type 90 signal pistol from World War II. The Imperial Japanese Navy adopted these 28mm flare pistols in 1930 to replace the Kayaba 1st type flare pistol introduced in 1927. The Type 90 pistols were produced in a three barrel configuration as well as the two barrel. Between 1930 and the end of WWII, around 10,500 of the two barrels pistols were manufactured along with 5100 of the three barrel versions. All of the Type 90 flare pistols, be it two or three barrels, were produced by Kayaba Manufacturing. During the production of these flare pistols there were three distinct variations made, with this one being a 2nd variant. This Type 90 has an overall length of approximately 7" and a height of 7" with the cocking lever up. It retains the majority of the original black lacquer paint. The gun is mechanically sound, with the cocking lever functioning normally, as well as the barrel selector switch. The safety switch, located on the left side of the frame, just above the grip, functions normally. The red and white painted kanji characters retain all the paint. Stamped on the left side of the frame above the trigger guard is the serial number 6441 and the Kayaba Manufacturing symbol. The right side of the frame is stamped in three lines P A T/NO 93006/101355. There are four stamps on the top of the barrels. From left to right they are the Kayaba manufacturing symbol, a cherry blossom, the Japanese katana phonetic symbol and a Naval anchor. The black plastic grips are in very good condition, having no cracks or chips and show very little wear. There aren't a whole lot of these Type 90 signal pistols floating around, mainly due to the fact that most were lost with the naval ships and aircraft that were destroyed and sank in the waters of the Pacific theater. Those that were found were not highly sought out for souvenirs by Marine and Army personnel, especially when they could bring home a sword, rifle or pistol! Overall this is a very fine example of a very scare signal pistol used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII.
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