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WWII Japanese Type 98 Sun Helmet
Item #: AA2978
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This is a Japanese Type 98 sun helmet used during World War II. This helmet was adopted by the Japanese military in 1938 and saw many variations throughout the war. This particular variant is the Type 98 version III. The helmet is constructed of a woven bamboo shell and has no air vents. This version of the Type 98 also did not have the standard green cloth liner. The cover is of a six panel construction that meets at the apex of the helmet. The bottom of the individual panels are sewn under a reinforcing band along the brim. A 3/4" wide cloth band is also sewn horizontally around the midpoint of the cover. A keeper for the band is sewn onto the back of the cover. The cover shows quite a bit of wear, with the reinforcing band around the brim being torn in several places. There are many small holes and tears on the top of the cover. A shadow of a five point star is still visible on the front of the cover, just above the mid point band. Apparently this one at one time had a metal star as opposed to the sewn on cloth version.The suspension for the helmet is made entirely of cloth. A 1/2" wide cloth band passes through the bottom of six cloth loops sewn to the bamboo shell. It is adjustable through the use of one small metal buckle. At the top of the cloth tabs is another set of six cloth loops, much smaller, that permit a woven string to pass through that rest on the top of the wearers head. The suspension system is in very good condition, with only the metal buckle showing any problems, that being rust. A cloth chin strap is securely attached to the suspension system. It remains is good condition. Also sewn to the interior of the helmet are two cloth tags, both with Japanese characters written on them. This Type 98 helmet is a veteran's bring back from the Pacific theater of WWII. Overall the helmet displays well and will compliment any WWII collection or display.
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Item # AA2978
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