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WWII US Model 1936 Pistol Belt, Model 1924 First Aid Pouch with Bandage Model 1916 Holster
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This is a US Model 1936 pistol belt with a Model 1924 First Aid Pouch and a Model 1916 holster for the M1911A1 used during World War II. The Khaki web belt measures 42" when fully let out, accommodating up to a 40" waist. There weren't to many fat Infantrymen back then! This one was manufactured after mid 1942, as the keepers are steel instead of brass. The belt has one small stain, shows honest wear and all the eyelets are present. Some of them do have some verdigris, but that can cleaned up easily enough. It has a very distinct US stamp to the left of the ammo pouch snap. The maker mark is no longer visible on the belt. Attached to the right side of the belt is a Model 1924 First Aid pouch. The OD#3 pouch is stamped on the rear with the maker mark of INDEPENDENT AWNINGS and dated 1943. It is also free of damage or stains and shows a little more use then the belt. An unopened Carlisle bandage is inside the pouch. Also attached on the right side is a Model 1916 holster for the M1911A1 pistol. The holster is in very good condition, but does show signs of use. Stamped on the back of the holster is the Manufacturer of BOYT and the date 1944. This is a very good example of a commonly worn set of gear by the WWII American soldier.
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