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History of the Confederate States Navy J. Thomas Scharf
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This book is a first edition written by J. Thomas Scharf, published in 1887, the narrative is 818 pages and is illustrated with black and white drawings. The author, himself an officer of the late Confederate States Navy, describes the great struggle with the Navy of the United States at the time of the war between the states, the engagements fought in the rivers and harbors of the South and upon the high seas: blockade running; the first use of ironclads and torpedoes, and the history of privateers. This first edition of Scharf's mammoth Confederate Naval History , with 42 full page woodcut engraved plates and numerous in text illustrations is in its original boards. This is a landmark work on Confederate naval history, written with the authority of a Confederate naval officer who experienced action in the war. It constitutes a general survey of all Confederate operations at sea and on the rivers. Scharf served as a midshipmen in the Confederate Navy in 1863 and produced several written works after the war. This book is in good condition to be 133 years old. The images are fantastic and the text is perfectly legible. If you collect Confederate naval items, give this one a good hard look.
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Item # AA2961

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