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Carte de Vista of Captain Raphael Semmes
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This is a Carte de Vista of Captain Raphael Semmes. Born in Charles County, Maryland in 1809, Semmes attended the Charlotte Hall Military Academy and upon graduation entered the US Navy as a midshipman in 1826. He served during the Mexican American War, commanding the USS Somers in the Gulf of Mexico. The Somers was pursuing another ship off Veracruz in December, 1846 when it was capsized during a storm. The ship, along with 37 of her crew, were lost at sea. Afterwards, Semmes served as a First Lieutenant aboard the USS Raritan. After the Mexican American war ended Semmes went on extended leave in Mobile, Alabama where he practiced law a wrote a couple of books about his experiences during the war. He was promoted to the rank of Commander in 1855 and assigned to lighthouse duties until 1860. Following Alabama's secession, Semmes resigned his commission from the US Navy in February, 1861 after 35 years of service. Raphael Semmes was given a commission in the Confederate Navy, and went on to become the most successful commerce raider in maritime history. He first commanded the CSS Sumter, then went on to command the most famous commerce raider of all, the CSS Alabama. Now promoted to the rank of Captain, Semmes and the crew of the Alabama would capture 65 US merchant ships and destroy the USS Hatteras off the coast Galveston. The Alabama was eventually destroyed by the USS Kearsarge on 19 June, 1864. Semmes survived the war, and died in 1877. This CDV is in very good condition. Semmes is dressed in a double breasted civilian coat with shirt and tie. The 3/4 bust pose has him facing to the right, his hair combed back and his moustache showing that daring look of an adventurer! The front of the print has Capt Semms printed in ink. Below the image, printed on the cardboard backer is CAPT. SEMMES, of the "ALABAMA". The top right corner of the image has been clipped ever so slightly. The back mark of this CDV is FERRANTI/PHOTOGRAPHER/Duke St./LIVERPOOL. This is a very fine CDV of the most famous commerce raider of all time, the commanding officer of the CSS ALABAMA, Captain Raphael Semmes! If you collect Civil War images, this one needs to be in it!
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