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Set of Twelve Lead Soldiers Union Detail
Item #: AA2934
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This is a set of 12 lead soldiers depicting various camp detail activities. They are hand painted in the uniform of the Union Army. Six of the soldiers are carrying buckets, pots or pails, one has a broom, one is carrying a sack, one has a pick, one has a shovel, one carries a bundle of wood and the last is pushing a wheelbarrow. This set of Union Army lead soldiers was manufactured in France by the CGB Mignot company. This company has been in business since 1825, and is known worldwide for their fine quality and craftsmanship. This set was produced during he centennial of the American Civil War, so it's almost 60 years old. The soldiers come in the original box, and are still attached to the cardboard card stock they were originally attached to. They've never been taken out of the box! The original wrapping paper the soldiers were shipped in is still with the set. These 1/32 scale (54MM) Union camp soldiers will add a unique dimension to your Civil War collection, or if you collect lead toy soldiers, it doesn't get much better than these for originality!
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
Item # AA2934

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