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WWII US Army Air Force Aeronautic First Aid Kit
Item #: AA2923
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This is a US Army Air Force aeronautic first aid kit from World War II. These first aid kits were carried on board all types of AAF aircraft. The number carried per aircraft depended on the number of crewmembers of the aircraft and isolated crew stations on the aircraft. Fighter aircraft normally carried only one kit, bombers carried a minimum of four per aircraft and troop carrying aircraft had one per every two individuals on board. All combat aircraft had the kits installed at designated locations on the fuselage at the factory. This rectangular canvas first aid case is comprised of a large storage section with a smaller pouch sewn to the outside of the case. The large section is closed with a zipper, while the smaller section uses a press snap to close it. A canvas loop, serving as a handle, is sewn onto the back of the case. There are also two separate canvas strips sewn onto the back of the case, one at the top and one at the bottom. Each strip contains two Lift the Dot fasteners, that engaged four male posts are various locations within the aircraft's fuselage. This made them accessible to all crewmembers, as well as being highly visible by all onboard the aircraft. Each kit contained: 1 tube burn injury set boric acid ointment, 1 eye dressing set, 2 tubes morphine tartrate, 8 tablets sulfadiazine, 1 sulfanilamide crystalline 5.5 Gram envelope, 1 bandage gauze compress 4x4 inch, 2 dressing first aid large, 1 dressing first aid small, 1 pair scissors, 5 1/2" straight and 1 tourniquet, field. These small first aid kits saved the lives of countless servicemen wounded during aerial combat. This first aid kit is empty, but the case is in very good condition. The Talon zipper works perfectly, as well as the snap for the small compartment. There are no rips, tears or stains on the canvas case. A small red cross has been stenciled on top of the case to indicate the contents. If you collect WWII USAAC, this small piece will go along way in completing your collection!
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Item # AA2923
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