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Rare 1850's "The Holy Family" 1/2 Plate Case
Item #: AA2920
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This is a rare 1/2 plate thermoplastic case known as "The Holy Family". This case has some exquisite detail, showing a seated mother holding a child on her lap. Another child looks on, standing on the far side of the woman. Surrounding the oval image is some very intricate scroll and floral work. Both sides of the case contain the exact same detailed work. In raised lettering below the woman are the words "THE HOLY FAMILY". The names of Henning & Eymann N. Y., the engravers, can be found between the raised letters and the base of the image. The case is in excellent condition, with all corners being very sharp. There are no chips, or any damage at all to the exterior of the case. The half plate image housed in this rare case is of an elderly gentleman and what is probably his wife. The couple is seated beside each other, her with her left hand resting on his right leg. In her left hand she holds a small purse. They are both dressed in dark clothing, with the lady wearing a bonnet. The image is very clear and sharp. The red velvet insert on the opposite side is in very good condition, but does show just a slight bit of fading along the top edge and right side. There is no identification of the couple, but I do believe this image is pre Civil War. If you are an image collector, this is an opportunity to pick up a very nice, clear image in a very rare case.
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