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Blakeslee's Cartridge Box
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This is a Blakleslee's quick loading cartridge box for the Spencer carbine used during the Civil War. Due to the high rate of fire that the Spencer carbine and rifle were capable of, a cartridge box needed to be developed to allow for rapid reloading of the weapon. Erasmus Blakeslee developed this type of cartridge box and had it patented in late 1864. The US government contracted for 30,000 of the cartridge boxes, but few were actually used during the war. There were three different sizes of boxes. One could hold six tubes of Spencer cartridges, one held ten and the largest held thirteen tubes. Each one of the metal tubes held seven Spencer cartridges. When the weapon needed reloaded, the soldier removed the magazine follower from the stock, inserted the open end of the metallic tube from the cartridge box into the stock and inverted it, allowing the seven new cartridges to slide into the Spencer. The tube was removed, the follower reinserted and the weapon was ready to fire again. With one of these Spencer's and this cartridge box a soldier could fire seventy seven rounds in a very short amount of time! This cartridge box was made by E. Gaylord of Chicopee, Massachusetts. The six sided wooden block insert is set in a tin container that is covered in a sewn leather cover. The front of the cartridge box has a large cartouche that reads "BLAKESLEES CARTRIDGE BOX" in an arc over a US stamp. Below the US it is stamped " PATD DEC 20 1864". Below the patent date is the maker mark E. GAYLORD/CHICOPEE/MASS. This cartridge box is of the ten tube design, but two of the tubes are missing. The overall condition of the leather is good, but the latch tab is broken. The broken half is still present and could be repaired. The leather strap is missing from the cartridge box. The top leather cover is hinged to the box and is in very good condition. This Blakeslee's cartridge box would compliment any Union cavalry display, especially a 1st Connecticut Volunteer Cavalry display!
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