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Richmond Style Tin Drum Canteen
Item #: AA2894
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This is a Confederate made "Richmond" style tin drum canteen from the Civil War. It measures almost 6 1/4" across the face and is 1 1/2" wide. One side of the canteen is flat, the other side being convex. The canteen has an overall dark brown patina due to rust. The sides of the canteen and a portion of the back side of the canteen show some of the original gray color of the tin. The face of the canteen has seen some rough treatment, as it has several dents along the bottom half. The back, or flat side, of the canteen has also encountered some problems along the way. There are numerous small dents almost in the center of the canteen. I'm not sure what caused this damage, but it sure looks like somebody hit it with some buckshot! The is very visible along the seams and around the neck of the spout. An old cork stopper still resides in the spout. All three sling guides are still present. While this one has seen a rough and tumble life, it is still capable of holding water! There are several examples of this early Civil War southern made and carried canteen in Sylvia and O'Donnell's book, "Civil War Canteens". This one definitely has the look of being carried by Johnny Reb into the thick of the fight, and would compliment any Civil War collection.
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Item # AA2894
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