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Reproduction Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West Show Poster
Item #: AA2849
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This is a reproduction of Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West Show advertising art from the early 1900's. The Miller brothers 101 Ranch was a 110,000 acre in the Indian Territory of Oklahoma, founded by Colonel George Washington Miller in 1893. Colonel Miller was a veteran of the Confederate Army. As fate would have it, the Miller's neighbor was Major George W. Lillie, known as Pawnee Bill in the Wild West show arena. It was Lillie who encouraged the Miller's to get into the Wild West Show business. In 1907 the Miller's show transitioned from being a local attraction to traveling on the national circuit. Like all the other Wild West Shows, the 101 Ranch Show suffered through financial difficulties. The three brothers, Joseph, George Jr and Zack tired to make the show a success until 1916, when the two younger brothers left show business and returned to working on the ranch. Joseph Miller continued to work trying to make the show successful until 1927, but the advent of motion pictures finally put him out of business. Among those who performed in the 101 Ranch Wild West Show during it's history were Lillian Smith, Bill Pickett, Tom Mix, Mexican Joe and an aging Buffalo Bill Cody. This reproduction of the advertising art used by the 101 Ranch includes The Tepe and Trail Show from 1915, The Barbarous Mexico Show from 1911, The Far East Show from 1910, The Miller Brothers & Arlington 101 Ranch Real Wild West Show from 1911, The World's Greatest Ropers Show from 1914 and Wenona The Champion Indian Girl Rifle Shot Show from 1914. The poster comes in a lightly stained oak frame that is single matted. The frame measures 16" wide and 22 1/4" tall. If you have a western themed business or man cave, this will fit right in.
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Item # AA2849
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