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Pictorial History of American Presidents John & Alice Durant
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This book was written by John and Alice Durant, published in 1955, the narrative is 304 pages and is illustrated with black and white photos and illustrations. John and Alice Durant are a husband and wife team that have authored other popular books such as, The Pictorial History of American Ships and the Pictorial History of American Sports. Together they capture what the men who sat at the most powerful office in America were really like. They show them as men who love and hate, stumble as well as stride, a man who is shapes or is shaped by his times and countrymen. They show each president using a biographical sketch that gives a sense of the character, appearance and personality of each man as well as a little about his wife. Then they cover the great events that occurred during their Presidency, wars and political struggles, monumental movements that happened while they were in office. They end each pictorial history of each president with the lesser events, fads, fires, scandals and crimes that happened during their time in office. They cover the presidents from George Washington through Dwight D. Eisenhower. This hard back book is in good condition, and does not have a dust jacket.
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