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WWI US Small Box Respirator Gas Mask with Carrier
Item #: AA2789
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This is a US Small Box Respirator Gas Mask used during World War I. It is complete with mask, filter, carrier, nose clip, anti-dimming stick and instruction manual. While the kit is complete, the hose, head harness for the mask and portions of the mask are dry rotted and very brittle. The canvas carrier is still in very strong condition, with the strap and body cord both being present and complete. There is a small tear on the front of the carrier, approximately 1" in length on the right side. Both LTD snaps are present and functional. Ink stamped on the outer flap is the number 1574179. The same number is inked stamped on the inside of the flap, along with S-18-28-1427. The name of what looks to be C.D. Jussian is printed in ink on the back of the carrier. While the mask and head harness are very dry and brittle, the mask is complete. Both lenses are still accounted for, as well as the anti dimming stick to maintain them. The nose clip, not very popular with the troops, is also still reporting for duty. The green painted filter, known as the J type, was chosen for use over the yellow painted filter. It still has the original instruction card tied to it. Even being in rough condition, this is a decent representative of what the Doughboys of the American Expeditionary Force wore in the gas filled trenches of WWI.
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