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WWII German Army Officer's Dagger
Item #: AA2784
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This is a German Army officer's dagger from World War II. The dagger was made by the prestigious Carl Eickhorn of Solingen, Germany. The German Army (Heer) first started carrying daggers in 1935. It was worn during functions or events that did not warrant wearing a formal sword. This example of the 1935 Heer dagger is in very fine condition. The blade is in amazing condition, with the acid etched Eickhorn mark of the squirrel with sword and "Original Eickhorn Solingen" being very dark and crisp. The crossgrain runs the full length of the blade, and you can shave in the mirror like finish. The tip and edges of the blade are perfectly intact and crisp. It still retains the small leather washer, also completely intact. The pommel and ferrule are beautifully detailed with oak leaves and acorns. The pumpkin orange grip has a beautiful patina. A small section of the grip has chipped away at both the top and bottom, but both are hidden by the ferrule and cord of the portepee. The crossguard, in the form of an eagle clutching a wreath with a canted swastika, has very elaborate detailing throughout. The nickel plated scabbard is in very good condition. The pebbled texture of the scabbard body contrasts well with the oak leaf and acorn adorned mounts. There are two small dents at the bottom of the scabbard on the front side. The dagger comes with a silver portepee that I believe is original to the dagger. Overall, this is a very fine example of the Model 1935 German Army officer dagger that will compliment any collection.
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