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British Model 1796 New Land Pattern Cavalry Flintlock Pistol
Item #: AA2775
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This is a British 1796 New Land Pattern Cavalry .65 caliber flintlock pistol made circa 1800. These pistols were introduced in 1796, and were in widespread production by 1802. The early production pistols have a rounded butt stock, while the later production guns have a flat butt stock with a lanyard ring. The pistol has an overall length of 15", with a 9" round barrel. The barrel, lock, hammer and captive ramrod all have a matching steel gray patina. The exterior of the barrel has a smooth surface with no pitting. The bore gages out at .68 caliber and is turning dark, but is rust free. Stamped near the breech on the left side of the barrel are two stamps. Starting from the muzzle end is the crown over GR and a broad arrow. Closest to the breech is another crown over crossed scepters. On the right side of the barrel, above the touch hole, is another crown over the number 8. The captive, swivel type steel ramrod with button head is still with this old horse pistol. The mechanics of the lock work perfectly. Stamped on the lock is the British War Department acceptance arrow, a crown over GR and on he tail of the lock the maker, TOWER. The stock is in very good condition, showing the normal dings and bumps from normal handling. There are no cracks in the wood, all edges and barrel channels are very crisp. The ramrod channel does have a small area of wood loss. The stamps normally found on the stock the crown over the War Department acceptance arrow and date have been worn off from normal handling. The brass components of this old horse pistol have a beautiful golden patina. Accompanying the pistol is a British document dated 4 December, 1795 appointing Robert Louthean as Master aboard the the HMS Swiftsure. The document is signed by Rear Admiral Goddard. The HMS Swiftsure was present at the huge naval Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October, 1805, between the British Royal Navy and the combined fleets of the Spanish and French Navies. During the Battle of Trafalgar, Master Louthean was actually on board the HMS Polyphemus. When this weapon was purchased by the previous owner the document came with it. There is no physical evidence to support the pistol being used by Louthean, but the two came together and will stay together. The Pattern 1796 New Land Pistol was used by British Cavalry units from 1803 through 1815. This example is in fine condition, and would a fantastic addition to your Cavalry or Dragoon pistol collection.
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Item # AA2775
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