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This book was written by David Nevin, published in 1974, the narrative is 231 pages and is illustrated with black and white photos and illustrations and color illustrations. This book is part of a 26 volume set about the American West. This volume covers the military during the settling of the western frontier. It is broken down into six chapters. The illustrations in the book support the text perfectly. It covers the Infantry and Cavalry engaged with the native Americans, the frontier forts, campaigns against the hostiles, commanders that emerged from the Indian campaigns and finishes up with the Custer's disaster at the Little Big Horn. The text is well written, easy to follow and very informative. The photos and illustrations provide a very clear picture of what life was like out on the frontier. The detailed images also make valuable resource information for those that collect that period. This hard back book is in very good condition and does not have a dust jacket.
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