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WWII US Navy M1926 Flotation Belt
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This is a US Navy Model 1926 individual flotation belt used during World War II. These belts are known to have been issued to assault troops that landed on the Normandy beaches on 6 June, 1944. The belts were used for individual flotation devices, as well as floating cargo unto the beaches from damaged landing craft. The belt measures 60" long and is 4 1/2" wide. It could be adjusted for wear from 50" all the way down to 30". The M1926 could be inflated two ways, either through the use of CO2 cartridges or by inflating them by mouth. Two switched located inside the belt were to be squeezed, activating the CO2 bottles to inflate the belt. It the bottles failed the wearer could inflate it by blowing into two inflation tubes. The metal buckle is stamped USN on one side, and SPARKLETS on the other. The canvas cover is inked stamped in several places. Near the tubes where the CO2 cartridges are inserted are the stamps TO INFLATE SQUEEZE ARROWS TOGETHER WITH A HARD QUICK GRIP AND RELEASE. Just behind these instructions are two ink stamp arrows. On the back of the belt is the ink stamp CONTRACT No. W 33-092 to 395/EAGLE RUBBER CO. INC./ASHLAND, OHIO and is dated Apr 27, 1944. The belt is in very good condition, but does not have the CO2 cartridges. It can still be inflated using the manual inflation tubes. This will make an excellent addition to your Normandy D Day collection.
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