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WWII German Panzer NCO Waffenrock
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This is a German "Waffenrock", or dress tunic from World War II. The Waffenrock design was based heavily on Imperial Germany's dress tunics. They were to be worn on all ceremonial and parade occasions. This field gray wool tunic is an M35 version. The tunic is in very good condition, having very little moth damage and one period repair on the left shoulder. This is a medium sized tunic as indicated by the sizes ink stamped by the manufacturer on the left side of the lining. The 42 on the left stands for for the height at the back, 94 is the chest measurement, 42 on the top right is the neck size, 82 is for the waist and 64 is arm length. The B 36 indicates the Berlin clothing depot received this tunic in 1936. Below the size stamps is the unit ink stamp, but it is a little hard for me to make out clearly. I believe it reads 2./Pz.ajw.39, but I can't be 100% sure. Sewn inside the inner breast pocket is the manufacturers tag of Meister. The pink piping on the collar tabs, front, rear and dark green cuffs denote the color designated for armored, anti tank and reconnaissance units, collectively known as Panzer Troops. The shoulder boards are missing, but the pebbled front buttons with the numeral 5 are both still present. The number 5 designates this tunic belonging to a member of 5th company of the regiment. The eight button front has buttons that are pebbled nickel and six are back marked T&G, one is MOTZ and the other is EXTRA FEIN. The two shoulder strap buttons are back marked MOTZ and are also the pebbled nickel. The breast eagle is the later design being sewn in silver gray on a bluish green backing. The dark green collar has silver bullion tress sewn onto the bottom edge with pink collar tabs with silver bullion centers. The cuffs are missing the tabs and buttons. This is a nice example of a German dress tunic used during World War II.
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