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Federal Pattern 1861 .58 Caliber Cartridge Box
Item #: AA2732
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This is a Pattern 1861 US cartridge box used by the Union army during the Civil War. The box is a good example of an 1862/63 issue box. The closure tab and roller buckles are sewn to the box but the belt loops are sewn and riveted to the body of the box. This box has no sling. The front shows some moderate crazing. All stitching is still very strong and tight. The box was manufactured by C.S. Storms of New York. Both side of the box are stamped C.S. Storms/MAKER NY just below the ears. Christian Storms had a contract to provide 4000 sets of infantry equipment in May of 1862. In August of 1862 he contracted to provide 15,000 .58 caliber and 30,000 .69 caliber sets of infantry accoutrements to the US government. He also had contracts with the state of New York for 2000 sets of accoutrements in June, 1863, and again between July and September 1863 for 8000 additional sets. The US plate has a beautiful chocolate brown patina. There is an old piece of tape on the back of the plate stating this box was found in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1973. The roller buckles are for the shoulder sling are securely attached to the bottom of the cartridge box. Both belt loops are still present and are securely attached to the box. The inner flap for the implement pouch, the brass finial and both cartridge box tins are still present and in strong condition. The only problem this one has is the latch tab for the outer flap, missing in action. A pretty nice example of a Union issued cartridge box used during the Civil War.