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Three Volume Set New York at Gettysburg July-1-2-3-1863 New York Monuments Commission
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This is a three volume set of books that was produced by the New York Monuments Commission, commissioned by MG Daniel Sickles, MG Daniel Butterfiled, MG Alexander Webb, BG Anson McCook, Col Lewis Stegman, Col Clinton Beckwith, Maj Charles Richardson, published by the J.B. Lyon Printing Company in 1900, the narrative is 1452 pages and is illustrated with black and white photos and color battlefield maps. Each cloth bound book i in good condition, but the second volume has suffered some water damage. The cover and spine of the second volume have some discoloration and slight damage from exposure to water. Some of the pages show a slight water stain, but the print is in good condition. Each volume has color battle maps that show the positions of the US and Confederate armies at different days of the battle. All three volumes contain information about each New York unit that took part in the fighting at Gettysburg. They are in numerical order with the lowest numbered units found in the first volume and continue on to the third volume. The black and white images are from the late 1800's up to 1900, showing different areas of the battlefield where the New Yorkers fought. It is interesting to see Little Round Top almost 40 years after the battle with little to no vegetation or trees standing. The New York Monuments Commission was established to to honor the dead New York soldiers who fought and died at Gettysburg, Chattanooga and Antietam. The monuments for each regiment that served at Gettysburg are shown in these three volumes, along with particular information pertaining to that regiment. This three volume set would be a major resource for those inclined to study the New York units during the Gettysburg campaign. These hard back books are in good condition, and never had a dust cover.
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