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Infantry Aiguillette for the Model 1902 Dress Uniform
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This is an aiguillette made of sky blue worsted wool to represent the Infantry branch of service for the US Model 1902 dress uniform. These cords were actually used from 188 through the early 1900's. It measures approximately 55" in length. They were made to be worn around the right shoulder, across the soldiers chest and eventually the free ends are suspended from the left shoulder. There are two small loops on the cord, one to be attached to the left shoulder epaulet button and the other attached to the right shoulder epaulet. The infantry branch of color was originally white, beginning in 1776 and remained so until 1851. From 1851 to 1886 the branch color was changed to sky blue, then back to white again from 1886 to 1902. It reverted back to blue in late 1902 and has remained the branch color ever since. The sky blue cord is in very good original condition. The color has not faded, there are no stains or any other types of damage. This would really look good on your early 1900's US Infantry dress uniform.
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