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Pattern 1903 US Canteen Sling
Item #: AA2695
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This is a US Pattern 1903 canteen sling manufactured by the Rock Island Arsenal and dated 1904. This cotton web sling would be used to replace the shoulder slings on the canteens since the introduction of the Model 1878 canteen. The P1903 sling consists of a one piece cotton web strip riveted in the center to form two legs, each approximately 4 3/4" in length. Each end of the sling has a simple metal hook that attached to the iron triangular loops on the canteen body. A spring clip in the center of the snap enabled the canteen to to attached to the cartridge belt. This sling was first used with the 1903 cartridge belt, and then with the 1907 cartridge belt. When the 1910 Infantry equipment was designed the sling became obsolete. This P1903 canteen sling is in very good unissued condition. It is ink stamped R.I.A. 1904. This sling would make an excellent addition to your early 1900's pre WWII US Infantry collection.
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Item # AA2695
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