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Vietnam Era US M51 Training Round
Item #: AA2668
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This is an M51A2 training round for the M197 electric cannon used on the AH-1 (Attack Helicopter) more commonly known as the Cobra. The M197 electric cannon was developed primarily for use in US Army helicopter gunships. It is basically a lightened version of the M61 Vulcan electric cannon, utilizing three rotary barrels instead of six. This M51 training round is a non firing round, and is used to perform systems checks and train armorers and loading procedures for the different weapons platforms that used the M197 cannon. The all metal round measures approximately 6 1/2" long, the projectile is 19.86mm and the shell case is 29.06mm in diameter. The entire round is painted silver and has no markings or stamps. It is equipped with a steel primer. While this round was never meant to be fired, it sure looks cool sitting on your desk!
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Item # AA2668
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