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Identified WWII US 80th Division Grouping
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This is a grouping of Technician 5th Grade Claire Van Dusen of the 80th "Blue Ridge" Division during World War II. Van Dusen, a resident of Ohio, enlisted in the US Army on 7 July, 1942 at Toledo, Ohio. He was assigned to the 80th Division, an old World War I division that had been reactivated on 15 July, 1942. The 80th Division was initially formed and trained at Camp Forrest, Tennessee. The Second Army, one of four field training armies, established a Ranger school at Camp Forrest in late 1942. The commanding officer of the 2nd Army, Lieutenant General Ben Lear, chose the 80th Division as the training center for the Ranger school. In December, 1942, a training quota of 600 Ranger school slots was sent out to the units under 2nd Army control, for the "most intelligent and physically fit infantry and artillery lieutenants, sergeants and corporals from their divisions." The first Ranger course was held in January, 1943. The second, and final Ranger course was held in February, 1943. For several reasons the two week course of instruction was terminated after the second class. Tech/5 Van Dusen successfully completed the requirements of the second class, and received a 2nd Army Ranger Certificate of Proficiency. It is dated February 15, 1943 and signed by Lieutenant Colonel William C. Saffarans, Commandant Second Army Ranger School, and Lieutenant General Ben Lear, Commanding Second Army. The 80th Division continued training at various locations in the United States until July, 1944. On 4 July, 1944 the division boarded the SS Queen Mary and arrived in Greenock, Scotland on 7 July. From there they moved to Northwich, England and continued to train until they boarded LST's and Liberty Ships for the channel crossing to France. They landed on Utah beach 2 August, 1944. When the war ended in Europe on 7 May, 1945, the 80th Division had spent 277 days in combat. They had suffered 3.038 killed, 12,484 wounded, 488 missing and 1077 captured. Technician 5th Grade Claire Van Dusen had been with the 80th Division from the start, and survived the war to return to the states with in in January, 1946. Included with this grouping is his Eisenhower jacket, a map showing the 80th Division's march across Europe, his 2nd Army Ranger Certificate, a 48 star US flag, a rare San Antonio Iron Works fighting knife with leather scabbard, a souvenir WWII Nazi flag, a small 80th Division booklet, personal first aid/shaving kit in a leather case, a small tin box with his medals, spare ribbons, pocket knife, a Bavarian made Meerschaum pipe with leather bowl protector, Austrian made pipe lighter, two German map, two German pamphlets and other small personal articles. I haven't been able to do any in depth research on Van Dusen yet, but will update this listing as information is found. His Eisenhower jacket is a size 38R and is in perfect condition. Sewn onto the left sleeve are the 80th Division patch, Tech/5 rank, two overseas stripes and a small red Ranger tab. The right sleeve has a theater made bullion 3rd Army combat patch and Tech/5 rank. US and Ordnance screw back branch insignia are on the collar. The ETO ribbon with three campaign stars and a Good Conduct ribbon are pinned above the left pocket, along with a Combat Infantryman's badge. A Presidential Unit citation is pinned above the right pocket. The San Antonio Iron works fighting knife is in well used condition. This one was made from the original hilt and first 7 3/4" of a M1913 Patton Saber. The reverse ricasso is stamped on the obverse with U.S./1246, while the reverse is stamped L.F. &C. with the Ordnance bomb between the F and & over the date of 1918. The blade has a dull steel gray patina, with some areas of pitting. There are a couple of knicks along the cutting edge as well. The hard rubber grips and cross guard are in very good condition. The original leather scabbard is solid, but is dry and crazed on the front. The leather strap with the female snap is broken, but still present. All this comes with a small wooden military storage box that Van Dusen used to ship it home in. This grouping contains some very rare articles, and would really add to any WWII US collection.
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