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Three Vintage Railroad Buttons
Item #: AA2628
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This is three vintage railroad buttons, circa 1860's - 1880's. All three buttons have a locomotive depicted on the front. The smallest, measuring 15.50 mm, is a two piece button with a brass face and steel back. This cuff button has a raised steam locomotive pulling a tender on the face. There is no makers mark, the shank is still present. The middle one, a tin button, measuring 19.25 mm, is also of a two piece design. The face depicts a steam locomotive with a single five point star above the engine and two below it. The back mark of EXTRA QUALITY is barely visible on this one. The shank is present but leaning to one side. There is also a slight push to the face. The largest button, measuring 20.10 mm, is also a two piece design. It is a steel button with a raised steam locomotive on the face. This one has no back mark and the shank is broken off. These three mid to late 1800's buttons are representative of the buttons found on railroad employees uniforms of that time. They display well together, and would add a little character to any railroad enthusiast's collection.
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