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WWII US AN6513-!A Chest Parachute
Item #: AA2553
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This is an AN6513-1A chest parachute used by the United States Army Air Corps and Navy air crews during World War II. There were two versions of the parachute pack used with the AN-6513 harness, the square type AN6513-1 pack, and the replacement AN6513-1A. The 1A's were much less cumbersome than the original square -1's. They were introduced in December, 1942, and by the end of 1943 it was the standard parachute for air crews. It was used extensively until it was replaced in 1994 by the A-3 parachute pack. This one was made by the Hightstown Rug Company of Highstown, New Jersey. The original ink stamps on the front are still very legible and read, AN 6513-1A PARACHUTE/Mfg. By Highstown Rug Co/Parachute Division/HIGHSTOWN, N.J./Government No________/Mfg. Serial No 48-890593/Contract No. 43-2114-AF. The date of manufacture is stamped May, 1943. This parachute pack is in good overall condition, with just two small holes in it. One of the elastic cords used to secure the center is missing the hook. The red painted rip cord handle is securely attached. Both hooks that clip onto the harness are present and function. There is no canopy in the pack, it is stuffed with newspaper to give it shape. These original WWII parachute packs are hard to find. If you have a US Army Air Corps collection this a pretty hard piece to come by!
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