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This book was written by Ezra Bowen and the editors of Time Life Books, published in 1987, the narrative is 175 pages and is illustrated with black and white photos, drawings and color paintings. This book, one in the series The Epic of Flight, looks at the developing branch of air power in the early days of World War I. It uses first hand accounts and experiences, because when this book was written there were still ore than 880 aviators from nine different countries that were still living. They recount the early days of aviation in the war, the development of the aircraft, weapons, tactics and even the clothes they wore to survive the elements. The book is full of period photos, several of air to air combat. It describes the emotions of aerial combat, the fear before take off, the excitement of combat and the shared respect for the aviators, friend and foe. This hard back book is in good condition, it never had a dust jacket.
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