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WWII German Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft badge
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This is a German Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft Flak battle badge issued during World War II. This badge, (Flak-Kampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe) was authorized by Hermann Goring on 10 January, 1941. The award was authorized for air defense crews, including searchlight and sound detection crews. When first introduced, the badge was awarded for aerial and ground target victories. After the introduction of the Luftwaffe Ground Assault badge on 31 March, 1942, the badge was only awarded for aerial targets. The badge was earned through acquiring points, 16 were required to receive the badge. Destruction of an aerial target was worth four points. Unlike most other German war badges, the Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft Flak battle badge only had one class. The badge was designed by Wilhelm Peekhaus. It was of a one piece construction with a pin back and clasp. The badge has a Luftwaffe eagle at the top with an oak leaf wreath forming the outside rim. In the center of the badge is an 88 mm flak gun facing to the right, the barrel raised and extending beyond the wreath. A silver wash was applied to the entire badge. This badge is in very good condition with only traces of the silver wash still present. The intricate detail of the cannon, wreath and especially the eagle are fantastic. The pin and clasp are present and have no problems. The back mark of GWL, Gebruder Wegerhoff of Ludenscheid within a circle is very clearly stamped on the back of the badge. This badge comes with it's original presentation case. The black leather covered exterior of the case is a little worse for the wear, but the inside of the case is in very good condition. Seems the German military of WWII had a badge for nearly everything. If you collect World War II German medals and badges this would make a fine addition to your collection.
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