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British Made African Trade Gun
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This is a British made African trade gun circa 1870 - 1900. West African rulers were instrumental in the slave trade. They exchanged prisoners of war for firearms manufactured in Birmingham and elsewhere in Britain. With these newly acquired weapons, kings and tribal chiefs expanded their territories. This late 1800's, smooth bore, flintlock trade gun measures 55 1/4" in length, with a 38 3/4" barrel. The barrel had an original bright finish, but has taken on a steel gray to light plum patina, from the muzzle back to the breech. The exterior of the barrel has a smooth surface, while the dark is dark and has patches of rust scattered throughout. The bore gauges out at .70 caliber, just a hair over the original .69 caliber specs. The barrel was never had a rear sight installed, the front sight is a post type set back from the muzzle 3". The left side of the barrel has three Birmingham proof marks. The plain button type ramrod is still with the gun. The lock is unmarked and has the same patina as the barrel and all other iron parts. The mechanics of the lock are very strong, the only flaw is the flint is missing. The three barrel bands are retained by screws, the rear band is missing the screw. Both sling swivels are present, the rear attached to the trigger bow and the front to the middle band. The front band is the double strap type. The fit of the trigger guard and butt plate are perfect . There are stamps on all three barrel bands, trigger guard, side plate and butt plate. The light colored beech stock is in very good condition. The barrel and ramrod channels are very crisp, and there is no wood loss anywhere on the stock. These old flintlocks would have been sold to the African tribes and native Colonials during the mid to late 1800's. This one has survived quite well, and would display great with the Zulu shield and spears also listed on the site!
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