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Indian Wars Period Color Bearer Flag Sling
Item #: AA2479
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This is a US color bearer's flag sling from the Indian Wars period, circa 1873 - 1890. The single strap flag carrier is made of black bridle leather that measure 1 1/2" wide. The sling is adjustable by use of a roller buckle. The leather cup that supports the flag is made of the same thick bridle leather. It is attached to the sling by use of two copper rivets. The leather is still pretty pliable, shows honest wear but is not heavily crazed or otherwise damaged. Very little stitching is used in the construction of his sling, but it is all heavy black cotton thread that is unbroken. The front of the cup shows the most wear and tear, but is still very strong. This one could be worn today! If you have an Indian Wars collection this would make a nice addition.
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Item # AA2479
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