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Relic Condition Kentucky Long Rifle
Item #: AA2474
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This is a full stock Kentucky long rifle manufactured by an unidentified gunsmith. This percussion rifle measures 53" in length with a 37" octagon barrel. The barrel has a dark, attic patina with light pitting and surface rust from the barrel tang all the way to the muzzle. The barrel was retained to the stock by iron pins, all of which are now missing, and one tang screw. The rifled bore is .45 caliber and is dark, but does not appear to be severely pitted. The rear buck horn style sight is dovetailed into the barrel 7 1/2" forward of the breech. The front sight is a German silver blade design, also dovetailed into the barrel. There is a name engraved on the top of the barrel between the breech and the rear sight. but all I can make out is L & L H, the rest is illegible. The remaining brass ramrod thimble is securely attached to the stock using an iron pin. The lock plate is stamped with a name, but it to is illegible. The mechanics of the lock have some issues, not locking in the cocked position. It has been converted from flint to percussion using the drum in barrel technique. The trigger and set trigger function perfectly. The trigger guard, ramrod thimble, and butt plate are made of brass, and all have a matching chocolate patina. The stock is a very light color, possibly maple. There are multiple areas of wood loss, and many cracks throughout the stock. It appears that the stock once had a nose cap, but it is no longer with the gun. The right side barrel channel is missing wood in two spots, one section 18 1/4" long, the other from the muzzle back 3 1/2" back. The left side of the barrel channel is not missing any wood, but is cracked a the muzzle back 3 1/4". The stock is cracked in half in the ramrod channel where the nose cap would be back towards the trigger guard 13 1/4". Another shallow crack runs along the belly of the stock 7 3/4". There is an old repair above the lock on the right side using small brass pins. This old long gun was found in an old house on the Cumberland plateau of middle Tennessee. Once upon a time it probably put food on the table, but I'm afraid now it's relegated to being a wall hanger.