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Two .44 Caliber Henry Cartridges Recovered from an 1864 Laurel Cavalry Brigade Camp
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This is a pair of .44 caliber Henry rifle cartridges recovered from an 1864 winter camp used by the Virginia Laurel Cavalry brigade. The cartridges are complete and are very stable. Both of the bullets still have dirt from the recovery site on them. The projectiles are very tight to the case, and have turned white from oxidation. The brass cases have quite a bit of verdigris on them. One of the cartridges is head stamped with an H, the other is blank. It is very possible that these Henry cartridges were acquired, along with the rifles, during the famous "Beefsteak" Raid that the Laurel brigade took part in on September 14 - 17, 1864. Along with approximately 2500 head of cattle, several hundred Union soldiers, many cavalrymen, were taken prisoner. Information as to the digger and where these Henry cartridges were recovered will be provided to the new owner!
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