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Carte De Vista of Captain Harry W. Gilmore with 1st Edition Four Years In the Saddle
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This is a war time Carte De Vista of Harry W. Gilmor when he was a Captain and commander of F Company, 12th Virginia Cavalry. The CDV is housed in a decorative cardboard frame, and look as if it's been there for quite some time. It measure 4" tall and 2 3/8" wide and has not been cut down or altered in any way. The image shows Gilmor in a double breasted frock coat, sash, sword belt rig complete with shoulder strap and an unidentified Cavalry Saber. The collar of his frock shows the rank of Captain. He wears a gauntlet on his left hand, while holding his right gauntlet and slouch hat with ostrich plume in his right hand. Captain Gilmor makes quite the dashing Cavalryman, standing 6' 3" with dark hair and blue eyes. This image was taken of Gilmor either while he was awaiting to be exchanged as a prisoner of war, or shortly after his exchange. The CDV is back marked E. & H.T. Anthony 501 Broadway, New York. A canceled two cent stamp is just below the back mark. Written in pencil at the top of the CDV is Col Harry Gilmore, and long the left side of the image in pen is written "Sir Harry, the Raider". Harry Gilmor was born on 24 January, 1838 in Baltimore, Maryland. Before the outbreak of the Civil War he lived in Wisconsin and Nebraska. Gilmor enlisted as a Private in Company G, 7th Virginia Cavalry on 31 August, 1861. Gilmor was promoted to Captain and took command of Company F, 12th Virginia Cavalry on 27 March, 1862. He was captured near Reisertown, Maryland on 12 September, 1862 and sent to Fort McHenry 14 September, 1862. He was exchanged as a prisoner of war at Fort Monroe on 13 February, 1863. On 7 May, 1863 Gilmor requested the authority to raise a battalion of Maryland Cavalry in the Shenandoah Valley. He was granted permission and was promoted to Major of the 2nd Maryland Cavalry Battalion in June, 1863. Harry Gilmor would survive the war, rising to the rank of Colonel. After the after he wrote a book entitled "Four Years In The Saddle". This is a first edition copy of his book, printed by Harper and Brothers of New York in 1866. The front cover of the book has faded and has a large water spot, but the gilt crossed sabers are still very visible. The spine shows a little water damage, but the gold leaf print is still very clear. The back cover of the book shows fading, but no damage. The binding of the book is tight and undisturbed. All of the 291 pages are in amazing condition, no damage, rips, tears, or any other damage. The print is very clear and legible. Overall the book is in good condition on the outside, very good on the inside. This is an opportunity to own a CDV of a hard riding Cavalryman that began the war as a Private and ended it as a Colonel, along with a first edition book written by him accounting his four years of war in the saddle.
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