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WWII German M1938 Fallschirmjager Helmet
Item #: AA2368
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This is a Model 1938 German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager (Paratrooper) helmet used during World War II. This M1938 helmet is in amazing, original condition! The interior of the helmet retains nearly 100% of the original slate gray paint, while the exterior is a combination of the original paint showing through what remains of a Normandy camouflage paint scheme. The left side of the helmet shows just enough of the Luftwaffe eagle to know that this helmet had one applied. This is just one of the indications this is an early war Fallschirmjager helmet. Mid and late war M1938 helmets did not have decals applied to them. The stamp of ET68 is found on the left inside rim of the helmet. The ET signifies the Eisenhuttenwerke Thale factory, the only factory to produce the Fallschirmjager helmet. The number 68 is the shell size in centimeters. The lot number of 4884 is stamped in the inside rear rim of the helmet, indicating a 1940 production year. The letters WARSER or WARSERT are written just below the lot number, perhaps the name of the original Paratrooper that wore this helmet. The aluminum liner ring is secured to the shell by four spanner bolts and hex nuts. The rubber padding is completely intact, the seven brow pads remaining soft and pliable. The leather two piece liner is complete, with legible ink stamps of the maker, shell size and liner size. The makers mark is stamped Baumuster: Heisler, Berlin C2. The liner size is marked Kopfweite Gr:57/Stahlhel Gr:68, the sizes of the liner and the shell. The liner has turned a dark brown from being worn, yet all the stitching in the liner is tight and unbroken. There is one issue with the liner, it has cracked and broken in two places in the front, torn in another. This could be repaired it so desired. The chinstrap harness is complete and not broken. It is the correct blue/gray color and shows plenty of wear from actual use. Overall, this is a very good condition early war German Fallschirmjager helmet that no doubt saw plenty of action during WWII, and will compliment any WWII German collection.