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11" x 14" Collage of LTG Ulysses S Grant
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This is an 11' x 14" matted collage of post cards from three different National Parks where Ulysses S Grant commanded victorious Union armies during the Civil War. In the upper left corner is one of the guns from Ft Donelson's River Battery. The upper right corner is a card from the Petersburg National Military park. The bottom left is the Grant Monument at the Vicksburg National Military park, and the lower right is of Grant himself as a Lieutenant General. Ulysses Simpson Grant would play a pivotal role in the defeat of the Confederacy. He first fought in the Western theater, capturing Ft Donelson and allowing the Cumberland River to be used by Federal forces as a supply route. Grant commanded the land forces in the siege of Vicksburg, a victory that split the Confederacy in half. At the siege of Petersburg, with Grant now in command of all Union troops, a war of attrition was waged. Grant simply feed more troops into the fight than the Confedertes, commanded by Robert E Lee, could contend with. Framed, this will make a very nice addition to your war room with very little invested!
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