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Import M1860 Light Cavalry Saber
Item #: AA2175
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This is an imported Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber used during the Civil War. The sword measures 38 1/4" overall, with a blade length of 32 1/4". The blade is curved and measures 1 1/16" at the ricasso. It is a single edged blade with an integral fuller that measures 27" and a narrow fuller along the false edge measuring 19 1/4" in length. The blade has a couple of small nicks along the edge. The polish is gone from this one, leaving the blade a dull steel gray patina mottled with black age spots over the entire blade. The ricasso is unmarked on either side, but I suspect it is a German made blade. The brass hilt has a dull golden patina. The original leather washer is missing. The wooden grip still has the original leather wrap, but most of the wire is missing. The wooden grip is not cracked like a lot of these swords, usually caused by shrinkage fo the wood over time. The leather wrap is worn, but completely intact. The brass pommel cap and guard are both slightly loose on the sword. There are no inspector marks anywhere on the sword or scabbard. The pommel cap has a lot going on though, in the way of rack numbers and other stamps. No 87 is stamped on the right side of the pommel , with 1-S and 1-E stamped on the top of the pommel. The peen appears to be unmolested. The original iron scabbard has taken on a dark patina, with scattered light surface rust. The body of the scabbard is dented all along the top and bottom, and has a couple of small holes on the right side. The drag is integral and shows wear, as do the mounts and suspension rings. The top mount has the number 70 stamped on the back side. The throat is missing from the scabbard. Overall this is a nice example of a Cavalry Saber that probably saw service during the Civil Ward damage.

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