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US Model 1850 Foot Officers Sword
Item #: AA2080
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This is a Model 1850 Foot Officers sword from the Civil War by Emerson & Silver of Trenton, New Jersey. The sword measures 37 1/2" overall, with a 32" blade that measures 1 1/16" wide at the hilt. The blade has a stopped fuller that runs 21 3/4" long. The edge has a few small nicks here and there, nothing major. The blade still has a mirror like finish to it, and the etchings are strong enough to see from across the room! The obverse ricasso is etched with the makers mark of EMERSON/&/SILVER/TRENTON/N.J. The reverse ricasso has the knight in armor with CLAUBERG wrapped around the top of the knight, SOLINGEN wrapped around the bottom of the knight. The obverse side of the blade has the letters US with a simple floral etching on either side of the lettering. The reverse side of the blade is etched with a spread winged eagle clutching a banner in both talons. The banner is engraved E Pluribus Enum. The leather washer Is tired, but still on the hilt. The brass hilt has an aged, dark mustard patina. The knuckle bow is a little loose at the pommel, causing a little deflection in the guard. The pommel cap is secure on the tang, the peen looks to have never been disturbed. The wooden grip is still covered in the original leather, and it shows some honest wear from use. The double strand wire is still very tight to the grip. The leather scabbard is still very strong. There is some crazing and loss of leather here and there, but overall it is in very good condition. The stitching remains tight and unbroken. The mounts and drag are securely attached to the leather body, and all three have the same mustard patina of the hilt. The mounts both have the number 7 stamped into them, the drag does not. This is an overall gorgeous sword that shows enough wear to have seen the elephant, but displays like a museum piece. It will definitely compliment any collection.
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