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Cabinet Card of Identified Confederate Cavalryman
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This is a cabinet card of Private A. B. Calhoun taken in St. Petersburg, Florida circa 1880's - 1890's. The photograph measures 4" wide by 5 1/2" tall. It is on a cardboard backer that measures 5 3/4" wide by 8 3/4" tall. The corners of the photo are square, as well as the corners of the cardboard. There is no damage to the photo or the cardboard. The image is lightly faded, but still has good clarity. In the image A.B. is in a studio setting with an outdoor backdrop of a lake with trees and bushes surrounding it. He is standing, leaning against what looks to be a Model 1842 musket with fixed bayonet. He also has a revolver tucked in his belt on the left side, but I can't tell what kind it is. Slung over his right shoulder is a smooth side canteen, hanging beside the revolver. He is wearing on raggedy old shoe on his left foot, the other foot is bare. Ol' A. B. tops his uniform off with one wore out looking slouch hat, kinda reminds me of the hat Snuffy Smith wore in the newspaper cartoons! At the bottom of the image it is written "Last Private" on the left side and "Civil War" on the right side. Below the image written in ink is "Private A. B. Calhoun in cursive. Below his name is the Native American symbol for well being and good luck. The studio's name and location are embossed on the bottom right corner, "Central Ave Studio/ST. PETERSBURG/FLA. The only thing on the back of the card , printed in pencil, is ST. PETERSBURG FLA. Calhoun looks to be in his 60's in the image. He enlisted in the Confederate Army and was mustered into Company H, 3rd Tennessee Cavalry Regiment when it was formed at Camp Forrest in October, 1861. Company H was an Alabama unit commanded by Captain Henry Milner. So here's another one of Forrest's boys that just walked into the shop! Hope that streak don't end anytime soon.
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