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Cut Down Import P1821 Enlisted Cavalry Saber
Item #: AA1998
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This is a Pattern 1821 Enlisted Cavalry Saber from the Civil War era. There is no makers mark on the ricasso. We've had a couple of other cut down sabers that had been turned into side knives with Confederate history. This one came into the shop from the local southwest Virginia area, but no history came with it. The blade measures 19 1/2" long, 1 1/4" wide and has a spine 3/8" wide at the hilt. The overall length of the cut down saber is 24 1/2". This blade originally had a bright polished finish but has began to turn a dull gray finish with dark freckling over the entire length of the blade. The blade has a couple of small nicks on the edge. The once single edge blade has been shaped into a spear point. There are no etchings or markings on the blade anywhere. The leather washer is missing from this shortened blade. The blade is tight to the hilt. The iron hilt is in good condition, displaying a dark, aged patina. The guard, pommel cap, backstrap and ferrule are all iron pieces. The top of the quillion has been cut off, something done long ago. The wooden grip is missing the wrap and wire completely. The knuckle bow has been provisioned for a sword knot. What started life as a P1821 Cavalry Saber is now a very cool fighting knife. No documentation to prove it, but we all know how the Rebs turned another mans junk into Confederate treasure! This is a great example of an import enlisted cavalry sword turned side knife from the Civil War period.
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