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1880's "Meacham" Sharps Sporting Rifle
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This is an 1880's "Meacham" Sharps sporting rifle. The firm of E.C. Meacham used Civil War percussion carbine parts to build these sporting rifles. They altered, assembled and sold the weapons from their St Louis, Missouri location. This converted sporting rifle is in good condition. It has an overall length of 41", with a barrel length of 24". The octagon barrel has the look of having spent many years out west, yet still has a smooth, rust free surface. Most of the Meacham guns had barrels with no stamps, that is not the case with this one. Starting at the breech and moving towards the muzzle the barrel is stamped with the 45 CALIBRE 2 1/10. Just forward of the rear sight is the stamp SHARPS RIFLE CO. BRIDGEPORT, CONN. In front of that stamp, in a rectangular box is the stamp Old Reliable. All three stamps are crisp and very legible. The bottom of the barrel is stamped with the serial number of 45761. The original front brass blade sight is present, as well as the rear leaf sight that is graduated out to 900 yards, and is dated 1876. The rear sight base is stamped R.S. LAWRENCE/PATENTED/FEB. 15th, 1859. This barrel has a good bore, with strong rifling and no pitting. It just needs a good cleaning! All the remaining metal parts have a matching mottled steel gray patina. The mechanics of the receiver work perfectly. The receiver is stamped C.SHARP'S PAT/OCT 5th, 1852. The left side is stamped C SHARPS' PAT/SEPT. 12th, 1848. Both of the stamps are deep and crisp. The butt plate is that of a Model 1859, but the stock is one that was never provisioned for a patchbox, either a Model 1863 or 1865. The serial number of C44258 is crisply stamped in the receiver tang. The forearm shows wood loss on the right hand side at the barrel channel, but has no cracks. The replacement stock is darker than the forearm. It shows signs of definite use, and has a period repair made of elk hide to reinforce a crack at the bottom of the stock comb! The "Meacham" Sharps are often identified as being a Model 1874 sporting rifle, but this one has all the Meacham characteristics. They were used by buffalo hunters, frontiersmen and occasionally were captured and used by the Native Americans during the Indian Wars. This "Meacham" Sharps is a good representative of the rifles used during the heyday of the Buffalo hunter, and will compliment any plains rifle collection. It was formerly in the Ben Michele collection.

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